Valid Discount Codes Only: Your Schoolwork Made Cheaper Than Ever

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What is EssayDiscounter?

Why pay more when you can save? That’s been my life philosophy for a long time. And I used it all through college too, when schoolwork became too much, and I needed a break. After discovering professional writing services, the first thing I did was ask for a discount, like any reasonable person. Getting a good deal as a new customer was easy, but after that, I had to work hard to find valid essay writing service promo codes and good deals. 

I like helping others save money too, so I’ve always been generous and shared every good discount code for custom writing services with my friends and classmates. This project is an evolution of those snapchats and subreddits and my way of helping even more starving students. 

Luckily, writing services were eager to give out relevant coupons and holiday deals when I “asked for a friend or ten”. For now, I host over 30 reliable writing services that can deal with any task, including resumes, presentations, speeches, and Ph.D. dissertations. 

You’ll notice I’ve highlighted personal favorites. You can get an extra-generous promo code for essay service from these companies. These once-in-a-lifetime deals don’t last long, so keep an eye out.


Fresh Essay Discounts 2022-2023

Essay companies Discount code % Get discount
10WGFSPF 10% Apply code
PCF9RST 9% Apply code
7WPSAFIRS 7% Apply code
HER8THUB 8% Apply code
SAP10RO 10% Apply code
TUT12BI 12% Apply code
TMPPSA11 11% Apply code


How do I get a discount with your promo codes?

The easiest way is to press the “Get discount” button, and the coupon will automatically appear in the order form. You can also paste the code you copy into the order form. And if you can’t make sense of the discount, reach out to the writing service’s support team, share the code, and ask them to adjust your order total.

Is it safe to use promo codes?

Yes, using the coupons you find here is risk-free.

Why doesn’t the discount code work with my order?

You may have run into one of the three common issues:

  • You’re using the wrong code.
  • Your code has expired despite my best efforts to only offer valid deals across all services.
  • Your code’s conditions don’t match your order (some offers are only valid for new users or specific orders).

Can you post the promo codes I share?

 Sorry, but I can’t vet every code I receive, so there’s no way to share your offers as of yet.

What do I do if your discount code doesn’t work?

 Let me know about the problem at